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A highly effective topical pain relieving oil made with four ingredients full spectrum cold pressed CBDA, decarboxilated CBD concentrate, cold pressed hemp seed oil, and essential oils.


USE: Apply a liberal amount to the effected area, "Rub that shit where it hurts"

Rub it in, not off.

Don't get this stuff on your furniture or clothes... it's oil.
Everybody's cannabinol system is different, some people experience fantastic relief, some people may only experience mild relief. One strain may work better for you than another. I use this topical product daily on areas that I experience chronic pain. A morning application of this product gets me through an entire work day.


Just a reminder: We're not doctors, we highly reccommend consulting with your doctor before use of these products.


Comes in a 3 Ounce Container.

Pain Relief Roller

SKU: reliefroller
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